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Boat & Jet Ski Loans

If you are in the market for a boat, jet ski or other marine vessel, make the finance process simple and streamlined and apply now with FindThatFinance. We strive to make the entire process of getting a loan easy and hassle-free from start to finish.  Love your Fishing, just need a new Tinnie - give us a call to see what Finance options we have for you.

With the guidance of your own specialist broker, you can choose a tailored loan and finance package that meets your needs and financial circumstances, and get your new boat in no time.

In addition to striving for impressively low interest rates, our finance brokers and lenders provide a personalised and fast approval process. Your rate is locked for the term of the Loan.

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Boat & Jet Ski Loans

Pre-Approved Boat Loans

A pre-approved loan is where you get conditionally approved for a loan before you've started shopping. Once you apply, your broker will look at your financial position and work out a loan amount that you can afford for the type of purchase that you’re shopping for, for example, a new car.  Getting pre-approved is FREE and can make you Buy Ready so you can go shopping with confidence.

When you’ve been pre-approved for a loan before you start shopping around, you already know how much you can borrow and you can access it quickly since you’ve already gone through the application process. This is a Free Service.

This helps you narrow down your search and because you know what you can afford and know you can access it on the day, you’ll have an extra edge when it comes to negotiating on the price without the worry of missing out on your vehicle of choice as you wait for loan approvals.

Sellers will also be more likely to take a lower price because they will be paid directly and quickly when you loan settles.

Free Pre-approval

So Key Points about getting a Free Pre Approval are:

  • Can be Arranged from the comfort of your lounge room by phone, internet or from whereever you are.
  • Allows you to get ready to Buy.
  • Shop with Confidence.
  • Gives you Negotiating Power, as your finance is already organised, once you find what you’re looking for, you can get it!
  • Speeds up the loan process, so when you have found and decided what you want to buy you can do it!
  • It doesn’t cost anything for you to arrange a Pre-Approval and it normally only takes minutes to take your application and your Pre-Approval could be in place shortly after.
  • You know what your loan commitments (either Monthly or Fortnightly or Weekly) will be and how much can borrow at a commitment you are comfortable with.
  • Your commitment will be based on what you think your looking to purchase, and the current interest rate offered by the selected lender applicable at the time of the application.
  • Valid for 31 days and can be extended for additional time - if needed.
  • You’re under no Obligation to proceed.
  • You’re in control! it’s up to you to decide to proceed.

When you see the car, motorbike, caravan, boat or truck that you want, you can act with confidence to negotiate the best price, contact us and we do the rest. Become Buy Ready to shop with confidence Today.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you get given the cash to go shopping for your desired item, though it’s almost the same. Once you’ve been approved for this finance, the approval is maintained for 31 days, giving you the time you need to shop around. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for in this time you can call and extend the approval, provided your circumstances haven’t changed.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for and have negotiated a price with the seller, contact us to finalise the transaction by transferring funds directly to the seller. We’ll also help you with things like the transfer of ownership paperwork in the case of a private sale if applicable to your purchase. Apply online now and secure an excellent finance deal.  Getting pre-approved is FREE and can make you Buy Ready so you can go shopping with confidence.

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  From Comparison
Commercial Boat or Boats over 50K Ask  
Boat New <100K 4.45% 4.45%
Boats > 100k  Call Call
Boats  > 1 year <100K from 4.45% 4.45%
Boats   > 1 year >100K  Call Call

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