Finance and Insurance Products for Car, Boat, Bike and Caravan Loans.


We know everyone’s situation is different, and we all have different financial needs. Below is a description of the general range of finance products available to help you with personal and business purchases, as well as protecting your assets. Look through the tabs below to see the loan, lease, insurance or vehicle services that could make your life run smoothly.



The majority of loans for used for assets purchases, whether leisure products - Caravan and Camper Trailers, Boat or  Cars, Trucks and Bikes loans are secured loans.

As an individual or a business entity borrowing money to purchase a specific asset or item, such as a caravan, that item is then used as the security for the loan. The lender will register their interest with PPSR.

This means if you decide to trade-in or sell the item before the end of the loan term, you must then pay out the balance of the loan. Depending on the lender and the product there maybe fees and charges applicable for paying out he loan early. Always ask and ensure you understand the early payout conditions to the loan product you select.

At the end of the Loan Term you will own the item.

Secured loans will usually have a lower interest rate than unsecured loans.

Consumer Loans -These are regulated products and lenders need to comply with the requirements of National Consumer Protection - NCCP legislation especially responsible lending guidelines.

Commercial Loans - These types of loans are not regulated like consumer loans. 


These are very versatile loans which can be used for nearly any purpose. An unsecured loan can be used for debt consolidation, holidays, weddings, caravans, camper vans or cars and vehicles that do not qualify for the secured loans.

The usage of what unsecured loans can be used for is very flexible.  

Unsecurred loans are a great way to aquire an older asset or other type of goods that lenders will not accespt as security.

But unsecured loans can be useful for smaller purchases. Generally a consumer loan.

There is no security required to take out this type of loan which is why the interest rates are generally higher than secured loans. 

Note: This product is not available in some areas.

Chattel Mortgage

Business Loans – commonly called a chattel mortgage. This is a commercial product that is orientated towards business.

Low Doc, No Doc commercial motor finance

We can refer to to finance sources who can help with Low doc or no doc loans if you are a business and have a valid ABN. 



Comprehensive insurance provides you with protection if your vehicles (Car, Bike, Boat, Caravan or Camper Van) experiences accidental loss or damage, as well as cover for damage to property of other people.  Comprehensive Insurances is required for all secured loans. To find out more give us a call.

Cover for death or injury to other people, is provided under your registration.

We all know that accidents may occur, no matter how careful you are. Travel with confidence knowing you're covered by comprehensive insurance cover at very competitive rates.


Mechanical Breakdown Cover, often called Extended Warranty, provides various levels of cover for most mechanical and electrical failures or breakdowns on your vehicle within generous limits to give you peace of mind that unforeseen expenses could be avoided.

These policies commence after the expiry of Manufacturer Warranties and can be purchased while still under New Car warranty.

More importantly they can be applied to Used vehicles with no manufacturer warranty left.

We at Find That Finance encourage you to protect yourself against unfortunate surprises when buying used cars. These products give you better cover to what you get when buying through a dealer with basic Statutory warranty.

  • Allows you to choose the car you want, regardless of the warranty on offer.
  • If you're taking a loan the warranty may be financed.
  • Pay by credit card or arrange for pay by the month facilities.
  • Some of these products can even be transferred if you sell your Car/Bike/Boat or Caravan.

These warranties cover the cost of repairs, parts and labour apart from normal wear and tear items such as light bulbs, tyres and other perishable items in general maintenance. Essentially the warranty will cover the bulk of those unexpected mechanical failures.

New Cars and Bikes

A new car will usually come with a 2 to 7 year limited manufacturer's warranty.

We can arrange cover for your car for up to an additional 3 years from the end of the manufacturer warranty. This is perfect for those intending to keep their new car for the long term without the worry of mechanical costs.

Used Cars and Bikes

Your used car may look and drive great at first, but you have no idea how the previous owners treated your now treasured item. They could have mistreated it at some point or simply never serviced it.

We at Find That  Finance strongly recommend you consider mechanical warranty for any used car purchase, even if it came from a reputable dealer. If it already comes with a warranty we can organise extended cover for up to 3 years beyond the end of the dealer warranty (maximum warrantable life 5 years from date of purchase).

On mechanical breakdown of the vehicle.

Vehicle Finding Service

The smart way these days is to hop on the net and do you research regardless of whether you are buying privately, at Auction or through a dealer.  But this can be a very poor use of your valuable time.

It also gives you possibly too much choice and how do you know the information is not misleading and confusing?

The people at "Find That" can take the hassle out of the process and take the frustration out of your life. If they cannot get you a better deal that you may already have then you know you already have a good deal.

The search service is Free!

Give "Find That"

Check out Find That.

General Advice Warning:
“As an authorised representative of a number of insurers we are authorised to provide General Advice Only, which does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Before using this advice to decide whether to purchase this insurance policy, you should consider the appropriateness of it having regard to your personal circumstances, plus obtain and consider the current Product Disclosure Statement for the insurance policy.”

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