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Welcome to Find That Finance,

We offer a fast, friendly, personal service and work with you, to achieve a tailored Finance/Loan package based on your needs and finance profile. For Quick Response Finance let the right people help you make your next Purchase happen. Enquire Now.  


Many of the team at Find That Finance have been through every financial change since 1983. We survive we change we thrive. Patience and knowledge with correct interpretation has maintained our integrity and client trust. Thats our Mission Statement

Would a Personal Loan help make your dream a reality? Money to spend around the home, on a holiday or the equipment to...

Posted by Find That Finance on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Commercial Clients

ATO Tax Write off has changed for eligible businesses

Extended until 30 June 2021. The instant asset write-off:

threshold amount for each asset is $150,000

eligibility has been expanded to cover businesses with an aggregated turnover of less than $500 million (up from $50 million).

Visit ATO to find out more: visit ATO or talk to your accountant

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To apply with us you must:

  • Are you over 18?
  • Do you have a current Driver's Licence?
  • Are you an Australian Resident?
  • Do you work full time? - Call us if casual.
  • Earn above 30k per year

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